Up is down.  Fact is fiction.  Black is white.  News is fake.  Truth is relative. Might is right. My friend is my enemy and my enemy is also my enemy but is my friend.   There can be no peace without justice but justice is unachievable when the rule of law is compromised and those who are sworn to enforce the law break it regularly and even use it against the innocent, exiling, beating and murdering some while protecting others.  The media gets it wrong as many times as it gets it right, or so it seems when stories lack proper background.  Reporters must have corroboration of their stories.  But what happens when the corroborators are liars?

Reputations are ruined in innuendo and by false accusations based on alleged facts which turn out to be anything but factual.  These false facts are masterfully fabricated in order to bring charges to silence the truth speaker and bring down the innocent victim.

This is no game.  It is a move and counter move struggle learned by students from their master-mentors.  It informs every aspect of life from pulpit to the playground bully.  It has seeped in or poured over every element of scientific and science fictional writings.  It both threatens and bolsters the foundations of society and its waves wash over the battlements and retaining walls, cracking, stacking, inundating, filling, and wrecking most everything in their path and that our senses encounter.

There is little to hold on to if we haven’t already secured our world view and cemented into ourselves the values by which we shall survive.  The temptations to loosen our grips on these life anchoring elements is enormous.  The centrifugal forces throw us up and out, away from our moorings until we feel as though we have entered a kind of Alice-in-Wonderland world and nothing seems to make sense any more.

It all seems life threatening and very, very unbalanced.  Vertigo is the order of the day.

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