Yadlin’s Analysis

Amos Yadlin’s analysis is intriguing.

See: https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5056267,00.html>

Would that those on the Left read it and heed it. Their approach that included the Obama administration’s pressured attempts to force Israel to acceding to Palestinian conditions prior to any negotiations, especially on the issue with which Kerry and Obama incessantly beat Israel over the head, namely, settlements.  All that is now over, hopefully to remain that way.

Yadlin refers to a Saudi initiative which, in the diplomatic chess game that the PA and Abbas play, Abbas has already rejected out of hand.  I am not at all sure that his intransigence can be overcome this time, or whether he is simply bluffing. His ‘on again, off again’ dance with Israel hides the fact that he, the PA and Hamas are in no way ready to form a state of their own; and another failed state in the Middle East is a recipe for a jihadist takeover.

I suspect that what the Trump administration will bring forward is a plan that will advance matters incrementally if the parties accept the terms. In point of fact, this is what Israel has been doing by working around and at the edges of the PA’s intransigence on matters involving security, banking, water, power generation, agricultural advancements and workforce employment. The Israelis long ago came to terms with the situation with which they are faced. In what appears to the outside world as an impossibility, they have learned to contain terror and the threats of a hateful neighbor-people, with whom they must, at one and the same time, live and not live. The Israelis are far more adept at maintaining a status quo than the rest of the world expects or wishes to acknowledge. The Palestinians of the PA, at the very same time, see their status withering, except when they can appeal at the U.N. and through U.N. agencies for greater support and recognition for themselves while exacting the opposite for Israel. The Trump administration has pretty much cut off this avenue and has exposed those Obama era Palestinian demands and preconditions for what they were: ploys and non-starters that served to undermine negotiations before they ever could get off the ground.

We’ll see where things go from here. But Yadlin has put his finger on the changed nature of the U.S.-Israeli-Palestinian-Middle East dance. The tune has changed, and so, too, has the dance floor. It remains to be seen what the participants will do.

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